Wildlife Conservation, Inc. helps injured and orphaned wildlife through rehabilitation, improving habitat to support wildlife and by educating people about orphan prevention and the value of co-existing with wildlife and nature. 

WC helps our community by:

  • Caring for orphaned and injured wildlife until they can be released back to sustainable habitats.
  • Promoting, preserving and building sustainable habitats for wildlife.
  • Educating people about orphan prevention and the importance of wildlife and wild places. WC promotes co-existing with wildlife in our community.

Wildlife Conservation, Inc.
Caring for wildlife and preserving their habitats.
News from Shafer, Minnesota.

Build a Blue Bird House
April 2014 (Dependent on Weather)
1 to 2 PM
Cost is $15
Held at Meehan Bros Landscape Nursery, 
1/2 mile W of 95 on Hwy 8 in Shafer, MN

Call To Sign Up: Vicki 651-257-1617
This annual event is a great kick off to spring. You will learn how to attract bluebirds to your yards by providing shrubs for food and habitat. You will assemble your own bluebird house to take home. Keep a diary of bluebird activity in your yard by observing nesting behavior and watching the baby bluebirds grow, fledge, and feed at your bluebird feed stations.

WRR's Spring Training is March 22-23, 2014. Vicki and I will be doing the raccoon rehabilitation session on Sunday morning March 23. This is a picture from the 2013 lecture. I hope to see old friends and new who are anxious to start rehabbing this spring. BTW grey squirrels already have babies in their nests BE CAREFUL doing any tree trimming!!!

November 29, 30, & December 1, 2013 and 
December 6, 7, & 8, 2013
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 10 AM to 3 PM
Held at Meehan Bros Landscape Nursery, 
1/2 mile W of 95 on Hwy 8 in Shafer, MN

Improving habitats for wildlife. Fall plantings of crabapple, oaks, and plum trees were added to four release sites. Additional habitat improvements to sites include native MN grasses and wildflowers.

Fall 2013
     This was a year where wildlife babies were a bit off schedule. We had some late baby raccoons and late baby flying squirrels. The raccoon cubs will be over wintered because of their immature skills and small size.  The fall flying squirrels and grey squirrels were all released in late October.

Reminder: we have a link (in red) on this page if you need help caring for a wild baby before finding a rehabilitator. Don't feed it milk. Keep them warm and call your local rehabilitator.